KAIG Achievements

The association over the year has been able to achieve the following:

1 .Registered over Three thousand Members (3,000) mainly made up of supports which are groups for the low income households. This Association brings together over 30,000 members and more than 300,000 persons in the company.
2 .The Association has been able to conduct more than fifty investment trainings covering Securities Market, Real estate, Why and How to register an investment group. We have also engaged members in Investment tours, private Equity placing, Training University students and other infant chamas on Chama Formation and management.
3 .The Association has facilitated the starting of Uganda Association of Investment Groups and Rwanda Association of investment groups. We have been formally recognized by the Uganda and Rwandese governments for this reason.
4 .In order to capitalize on the numbers and thirst of Kenyans investing together, KAIG formed a commercial wing in 2009 which is a limited liability company; Amalgamated Chama Limited (ACL), with the mandate to harness investments from ALL the KAIG Members. KAIG has 51% voting rights in ACL. The company has been able to invest member�s funds in a number of portfolios across sectors.
5 .We have formed partnerships with Universities and students to train them on the investment culture and so far we have trained University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Strathmore university and Riara just to mention a few.
6 .We have received recognition from Capital Markets Authority (CMA) which is the regulatory body within the investment sector in the Country. The authority involved KAIG in the nomination of Capital Markets Master Plan Steering Committee as a stakeholder.
7 .We have been able to participate collectively in getting our members to invest in Kenya Airways during their recent IPO.
8 .We launched the first and most successful Chama handbook in 2012 and distributed more than 5,000 copies to members and non-members both in hard copy and soft copy. The 2014 edition has been launched with over 2000 copies already in circulation. Both books are also available on our website.
9 .We have a partnership with IMD University which is one of the best research University in the world to conduct research on our strength and weakness and for a couple of our groups.
10 .We have created Mentorship programs where the young groups learn from established ones through networking, and personal testimonies given during the Training sessions. We have taken part in thousands of meetings for our members where we provide expert advice on Best Practice.
11 .The Association has facilitated the registration of more than five hundred groups since inception throughout the Country.