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KAIG Investment Tours

KAIG always aims to give its members the practical feel of investment by beholding and experiencing the effect of working together and investing as a group. Through involvement of sponsors the association organizes for investment tours where groups are taken on a day-long session of visiting investment sites

KAIG Bulk SMS/ Emails

As we all know, use of mobile technology in communication, investment and marketing is currently a highly effective tool being used by companies. In line with this, the association maintains a database of its more than 2,500 groups with mobile contacts and emails.

KAIG Bulk Online Advertisement

Kenya Association of Investment Groups has a website through which it disseminates information, activities, registration form, and logos of corporate partners with links to their sites as well as spaces for advertising.

KAIG Queries Contacts

The Association will provide a platform for forwarding queries through the website. Through these questions KAIG will analyze the needs of investment groups and individuals and make referrals to the partner based on the availability of a solution for their query.

KAIG Land Sales and Financing Facilitation

The Association has embarked on an effort to provide groups (especially growing groups) with accessibility to land. KAIG is actively engaging with realtors who are disposing land to make it accessible to member groups. On the other hand KAIG will engage financial partners who are willing to customize a financing product for its members.

Other Products & Services

As the umbrella body for investment groups, KAIG provides the platform for corporate partners to meet groups and collect information regarding their needs. This is important to help a partner come up with a product that best suits the need of the chamas while creating a competitive edge over other industry products.

KAIG trainings/Seminars

offered by industry experts specifically selected and vetted by the association. We also heavily rely on our corporate partners to provide the facilitators. Some of the facilitators